Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heper Development Organization


Helper is a non-governmental, non political, not for profit organization based in District Jaffarabad of Balochistan. The organization is not based on Religion, race, color or origin, we do not discriminate. We are here simply to save the Humanity. The Helper Development organization was founded and registered with the Volunteer Social Welfare Agencies; registration control ordinance 1961 under registration, XVII, EDO, 150, CCB in 2006 as Citizen community board now after few years the board of directors of the organization has decided to promote and change the organizational structure as national level and currently organization has registered as a national organization from society act 1876.
Helper  formed by a group of young social activist of community and philanthropist to work for change of social structure and empower to the peoples, We are working for women rights, youth empowerment, gender equity, education, health and agricultural development.
We intervene with participatory approaches and involve all stakeholders to ensure of sustainable development and result oriented projects and ensuring community ownership through their participation. Our strategic target group is community based small group of marginalized having a potential capabilities and capacity to acting role of social development process.
We believed in sustainable development in the rural community within the context of livelihood with close relationship in social change process. We would focused tradition people as consider their respective occupation and as well agriculture and environment perspective.

To catalyze the transition towards sustainable Development in marginalized community defined as the enhancement of peace, social justice equality and education enlightened.

Helper to believe in social development process enhancement of democratic society; which is guided by the values of humanity, peace and tolerance
These object reflect the main axes of our work; the means through which we effect change. To

To brought a social change in community level through education enlightened.
To construct and develop the research method towards community to improvement their livelihood pattern of life. To initiative step for young to strengthen their creativity ability and they could be able to understand of global socio economic challenges. Collaborating with communities through dept intervention dialogue concerned in social development processes.  
To address deprived community to raise up voice for their basic human right as well as all the basic thing

Focus Groups:
Helper was established to primarily focus on women, youth and children. The social structure of the society, based indiscrimination and in balances and exists at all level. The focus, amongst is again on most marginalized ones.
Following are details of organization focus groups.
Vulnerable and Marginalized rural communities.
Vulnerable & Marginalized Groups of Youth in the society.
Vulnerable & Marginalized Groups of women.
Vulnerable & Marginalized oppressed people.

Helper citizen community board defines social development as the enhancement of mutual respect, peace, social justice equality for a society within and across generation. Helper produce a well educated environment for everyone citizen of society to change of social structure to build a liberal society. The organization acts as both provides a well knowledge for community and they able to understand of social economic challenges around the world

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